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Adam Summers


Bachelors of Science in Computer Information Systems & Technology from the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford

Professional Certification:



How did you get into the technology field?

When I was young, I was the guy that my family went to for computer help. Technology came naturally to me and I found it was an incredible way to solve problems. I have long pursued this path and I am continuously building skills.

When did you join the Databranch team?

December 19th, 2016

What do you like best about Databranch?

Not only do they provide an essential service to the local area, it is also a tight-knit environment with personable people that each provide their own unique skill set.

What’s an interesting way that you use technology in your personal life?

I have been developing an Android application that will serve to supplement some of my hobbies.

How many computers do you own? 

Just one, an HP touchscreen laptop with Intel i7, 12 GB of RAM, and a hybrid SSHD.

Describe the first computer you ever purchased

When it was still offered, I took the Computer Information Technology course at BOCES in  high school and built my first desktop. It had an Intel dual-core processor and I included every hard drive over 100 GB that I could get my hands on.


In my spare time I am often hiking, biking, reading, or writing music.


I have a California Kingsnake name Bones (because he looks like a long skeleton)!