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David Prince


I graduated from Dartmouth College with an AB in Engineering, a BE from the Thayer School of Engineering (Dartmouth) and an MBA from the Tuck School of Business (Dartmouth).

How did you get into the technology field?

I originally started working with computers way back in the “mainframe” days when you programmed with paper cards and tape, and then continued to use computers in college and graduate school.  My first personal computer was an Apple II+ with 64K of RAM and then I later “upgraded” to one of the first IBM PCs.  I discovered that I had a knack for applying technology to solve business problems and realized I enjoyed the challenging and dynamic nature of the IT profession, so I started a business.

When did you join the Databranch team?

I started Databranch in 1985 after identifying a growing need for an Information Technology solutions provider in our area.  We incorporated in 1987.

What do you like best about Databranch?

So many things – I enjoy working with our clients, and I really like working with our team at Databranch. I still love the challenges of solving problems, and in the technology field we run into new challenges everyday!

How would you describe your role at Databranch?

I am the Founder and CEO – “The buck stops here”.

What’s an interesting way that you use technology in your personal life?

I must admit that I have a lot of technology in my life.  I watch TV with my iPad or laptop on my lap so I can look things up and keep learning.

How many computers do you own?

Personally, not counting smartphones and iPads – only five.


I enjoy sailing, golf, skiing and other outdoor activities, photography and reading (mostly on my iPad now).


We have two boys – my son, Rob and my stepson, Adam.