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Shauna Anderson, President & CEO, Chautauqua Hospice & Palliative Care

I wanted to thank the Databranch team so much for all your hard work! We really appreciate the time you took to get our networking and wireless setup just right for our environment and getting everything in our network infrastructure up and running smoothly. Cleaning up all the wiring was a bonus and one that I very much appreciate! We look forward to continuing our long-standing relationship and working with your team on future projects!

Angelica Drake, IT Coordinator

Adam was very knowledgeable in trying to find an unknown problem with my email. He took care of it quickly. Databranch considered my safety with my email and recommended an authentication solution. As always, Karyn was super helpful!

Sara Nuszkowski

“When you work with Databranch you know that they will get things done…I recommend reaching out to them if your organization needs assistance with any upcoming server projects or data protection needs.”

We recently partnered with Databranch to upgrade our server environment including migrating our server operating systems to Microsoft Server 2016 and Exchange 2016 and configuring our Veeam backup platform to protect our server environment. The Databranch team was very responsive and timely meeting all project goals and I appreciated having a dedicated engineer to consult and work with throughout the entire project. When you work with Databranch you know that they will get things done and they make scheduling easy by having one point of contact arrange all remote and on-site service times. Overall, Databranch is a great team to work with and I recommend reaching out to them if your organization needs assistance with any upcoming server projects or data protection needs.

Jared Conover, IT at Horschel Brothers Precision, LLC

I rely on them as my IT business partner so my business can do what we do best – insurance!

Databranch has been providing our IT services for the past 24 years. In 2018, due to a faulty server software update, our network went down. Databranch was able to get us back up and running in hours. Their recommendation and installation of Datto local and cloud-based backup system years before was instrumental in our recovery. I rely on them as my IT business partner so my business can do what we do best – insurance!

Mike Hendrix, Owner at Both, Branch, and Hendrix

Databranch has come through for us time after time…It is definitely nice to not have to worry about our system functionality with your team watching over it.

I wanted to express how grateful I am to have Karyn and your team watching over our Datto data protection solution. She is definitely right on the ball and keeps me apprised of issues proactively which saves me a lot of time and frustration. She also does a fabulous job of following up and escalating to Datto engineers as needed to address the few issues that have come up with our system. It is definitely nice to not have to worry about our system functionality with your team watching over it. Databranch has come through for us time after time and we really appreciate the fact that your team is there for us in all aspects of our IT support, even when it is out of the normal scope.

Dan Baker, Network Administrator at Gas Field Specialists

I would highly recommend Databranch!

Our company, Penn-Troy Manufacturing Inc., has been utilizing Databranch’s services for a number of years now and we are extremely pleased with their services. Computer headaches and worrying about our data are a thing of the past. I would highly recommend them!

Mark Powers, President - Penn-Troy Manufacturing

I highly recommend using Databranch as your IT partner.

Databranch recently replaced our server and the changeover was seamless with very little downtime. Their engineers are always helpful and efficient. I highly recommend using them as your IT partner.

Mike DeRose, President - Pierce Steel Fabricators

I haven’t had an issue yet that Databranch was unable to fully resolve to complete satisfaction, and always in a prompt manner. It’s very much appreciated when simple tech issues could bring our daily operations to a screeching halt.

Casey Warner, Salamanca Lumber Co., Inc.

Jeff, Karyn and Josh were so very helpful through the whole process. It was a top notch experience. Every time I’ve contacted Databranch I feel listened to and have experienced prompt attention to whatever issue I have. I am looking forward to beginning Phase 2 of our project soon. Thank you so much.

Carla Woodside, SSBML Director

Adam was very helpful in troubleshooting a couple issues. The issues were resolved and productivity is back! Thanks for the help!

Michael Taggart, PM Research, Inc.

Great service! Had my printer up and running in no time. And I forgot to mention how friendly they were too! ☺

Missy, JIT Toyota-Lift

Databranch treats us very well. When we have an issue, it’s addressed very quickly which really makes a big difference. I can call and talk to someone immediately and I don’t think I’ve ever waited more than an hour for a response. Employee productivity has gone up because we have less downtime from computer issues and everything runs smoothly. The service we’ve gotten keeps us loyal to Databranch and if they see an issue their reaching out to us immediately to get it resolved.

Databranch is a proactive not reactive service provider and their team is always looking at what the next step is before I would even think of it. I also feel like family in the sense that we know about each other’s personal lives outside of business relationships. Can you partner with someone else and find a cheaper IT partner, probably, but will they give you the same service probably not.

Mary Comstock, Treasurer, Dura-Bilt

We are thrilled to be working with such an efficient company. Your people are very pleasant to work with.

Peggy Mallaber, J.D. Northrup Construction

The Databranch team got us through an extremely hard time when our server failed and we would have been in trouble without such great support. Since the beginning of our relationship, they have helped us identify areas where we can improve our technology infrastructure to keep our business running efficiently and consistently make recommendations for ways we can better protect ourselves from the different cybersecurity threats faced by businesses of our size. When things go wrong, they work hard to resolve the challenge quickly and are there for us, regularly communicating throughout the entire process. It is a relief to know I have your team to rely on for the IT part of our business and I am so thankful we have Databranch as our IT support, you are all top notch!

Cheryl Sprague, Office Manager, Highlander Energy

I am impressed with the level of detail and consistent follow through that each Databranch employee has demonstrated to me. I will continue to draw on your expertise and services with future projects, confident that I will receive the same high quality attention.

Joyce Schwob, President, JIT Toyota-Lift

As the networking and communications inherent within our industry continue to make it imperative that our staff is able to function both efficiently and effectively, the Chamber time and again looks to Databranch to provide the services, support and technology necessary for our organization to continue to grow in pace with those demands. We’ve found a great technology partner in Databranch and look forward to continuing our relationship for many years.

Kamala Keeley, Marketing & Program Development, Chemung County Chamber of Commerce

Late last week the IT world was held captive by a newly released virus called “WannaCry”. This type of virus was delivered via email attachment and upon opening it, the entire computer was locked down, requiring a ransom to be paid to release all files. Reports say that most computers hit by the virus were running old, outdated, or unsecured programs such as Windows XP Pro – which hasn’t been supported for over 2 years. We here at CHPC are fortunate that we have a partnership with the team at Databranch in Olean, NY. For years, they have helped us keep our work environment current, secure, and functioning. Over the past couple weeks – even before the latest cyber-attack – Databranch was working with us to tighten the security of our network and user accounts by strengthening account password requirements and evaluating security clearance for each user. From the onset of the attacks, Databranch was there providing guidance and support to keep our agency secure, providing suggestions for what we should do and not do to keep the virus out of our network. Today, I received an email from Symantec Anti-Virus which stated that their program would have kept us secure had the virus entered our network. Another reason to be grateful for Databranch – they suggested we use this specific program several years ago. We are very fortunate to have the Databranch team working side by side with us and I am very grateful for all they do with and for us!

Chautauqua Hospice and Palliative Care

Please accept our gratitude for all the work and support that Databranch gave Archbishop Walsh Academy and Southern Tier Catholic School during the time this July 2017 when our main server malfunctioned. Your service enabled us to maintain our internet presence and to conduct work via email. During that time, Databranch was able to retrieve school files; load Microsoft Office on the new, donated server from CutCo; load these files on this new server and files; and provide numerous other services. Databranch’s willingness to work around the clock and provide service both on-site and at your office made the process seamless and effective. Thank you for your time, effort and consideration. It is a pleasure to work with you.

Thomas J. Manko, School Superintendent and Principal, Archbishop Walsh Academy and Southern Tier Catholic School

It is with great satisfaction that I can submit a recommendation for Databranch regarding the service and support we have received at Control Chief Corporation for over the past 2 years. Databranch has been a fundamental part of our company’s ability to grow using new technologies. I look forward to continuing our successful business relationship with Databranch and would highly recommend their services.

Jackie Gregg, Controller, Control Chief Corporation

Ron Sellers, Former President, Hospice Chautauqua County

I have worked with Databranch over the past eighteen years. The solutions the organization recommends always meet and exceed all expectations in professionalism, performance, reliability and timeliness of project completion.

Tom Marsh, Network Administrator, Allegheny Bradford Co.

Databranch is at the top of my IT resource list. They provide expertise in areas that our small IT staff does not have the resources to support. I am always impressed by the level of professionalism, both from the sales staff and the engineers. I look forward to our continued partnership.

Wes Meyer, IT Manager, Clarion Sintered Metals, Inc.

Over the past several years our organization has partnered with Databranch for many of our technology needs. Our internal IT manager is able to work with the Databranch team as a resource for project work and we have entrusted Databranch with managing our critical business data backup.  The consulting Databranch has provided our organization has been invaluable as we strive to utilize technology to the fullest. In Databranch we have found a responsive, experienced technology partner and we look forward to continuing the relationship for many years to come.

Michael Damiano, CEO, Allegany County ARC

I find the team at Databranch to be knowledgeable, efficient and proactive. They have a “can do” attitude and have always treated my businesses needs in an urgent and efficient manner. I cannot thank you enough!

Patrick Randolph, Managing Partner, Lynx Fulfillment, LLC