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Employee Security Training is the Best Way to Prevent a Data Breach


The one thing we do know about learning, or training, is that when it comes to cybersecurity, repetition is important.  That doesn’t mean taking the same course every quarter, or re-reading the manual once a year. 

Smart and safe cyber practices are critical to your business’s success and human error is the number one reason that breaches occur.  You and your colleagues are your company’s greatest risk, but also your greatest asset. 

Databranch offers ongoing and interactive training for businesses around the Bradford, PA area. Why? Because to stay secure, you need to keep up with cybercriminals and their ever-changing tactics. Our Employee Security Awareness Service offers the following to you and your employees:

  • Annual Security Awareness Training
  • Continuous Security Training
    • Weekly Micro Security Training
    • Delivered via Databranch Email to Employees
    • 1-2 Minute Bite-Sized Training Modules
    • Ongoing Training Keeps Security Top of Mind
  • Monthly Employee Security Newsletter
    • Unique, Non-Technical, Magazine-style Newsletters
    • Reinforces Security Training
    • Delivered via Databranch Email to Employees
  • Simulated Phishing Attack Platform
    • Fake Phishing Emails Test Employee Awareness
    • Ability to Track and Report Employee Actions
  • Annual Security Risk Assessment
    • Risk Assessment Report
    • Additional Security Recommendations
    • Threats Analysis/Risk Determination
  • Written Security Policies and Procedures
  • Client Management Portal
    • Client management team can review their team’s results for simulated phishing attacks/training and review each team member’s security score.

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**Source: National Cyber Security Alliance Study