January 2014
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> Choosing between Windows 7 or 8.1
> Lock Down: Our Top 6 Security Takeaways
> Scan, file, get organized
> Splitting columns in Excel 2013
> Business Continuity Tip
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Business Continuity Tip
Winterize Your Kit

This winter there was a story on the news about a family of 6 that survived for two days stranded in the wintery Nevada Mountains. This remarkable story of survival prompts many of us to wonder € what would I do in that situation? Would I have the tools, resources and know-how to help my family survive?

Let's not leave it to chance. As travel picks up during the holiday season, it's important to stock your car's emergency kit with the winter essentials. Supplies like rock salt, extra hats and blankets, and emergency flares will help to ensure your employees and co-workers are prepared no matter what.

For a full list of supplies, click here for a comprehensive checklist from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention.

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Choosing between Windows 7 or 8.1
used with permission from HP Technology at Work


It may be the dead of winter, but harbingers of spring abound, including increasing daylight hours and the start of baseball€s spring training. Like the crack of the bat and the season€s first daffodils, April 8th€the day on which Microsoft€ officially stops supporting its third-generation technology Windows XP operating system€will also be here before you know it.

As we€ve previously discussed, businesses that put off upgrading to Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 will not only miss out on powerful new features, they€ll also waste time and money on custom Microsoft or third party services to support an obsolete system prone to cyber attack. The question then isn€t whether to replace XP, but rather what to replace it with.

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Lock Down: Our Top 6 Security Takeaways
used with permission from Cisco


If you€re reading this right now, you€re on the internet. You appreciate the ability to work, surf and shop on the world wide web without having your information exploited, and you think you know the basics: use secure sites, don€t store your credit card information, and don€t open sketchy emails. In 2014, that may not be enough.

 The sophistication of the technology and tactics used by online criminals€and their nonstop attempts to breach networks and steal data€have outpaced the ability of IT and security professionals to address these threats. With the rush of new technology, new threats were detected every day in 2013- up 14% from 2012. Here are some of our guidelines for staying safe in 2014.

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Scan, file, get organized
used with permission from HP Technology at Work


Breaking out of old routines can be challenging. For proof, take one look at the rows of filing cabinets still used in many offices these days. Those cabinets are most likely full of unorganized files that date back so far that it€s hard to know where to even start organizing them. The truth is, there really is very little need for storing hard copies of documents anymore. The inherent security risks of keeping business-confidential information out in the open, and the inconvenience of storing information at offsite locations, make digital file management an attractive option for business.

This isn€t about going paperless, though. There will always be certain type of documents that you€ll need to keep hard copies of in your files. Digitizing your files is about creating a more efficient, more secure, and more organized way to archive your business-critical records. The good news is that the solution is not only simple€it€s probably already a part of your office.

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Splitting columns in Excel 2013

Do you have a list in Excel, perhaps of contact data? Do you have multiple pieces of information in a single column, but need it in two or more? This is most common with names: your report lists names in a single column, but you need the first name and last name separate.

There's an easy feature in Excel to handle this! You start with a column like this:

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Quote of the Month

"I am certain there is too much
 certainty in the world."

- Michael Crichton

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