February 2013
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Move Windows Between Multiple Monitors
used with permission by Microsoft

You can easily extend your Windows desktop across more than one monitor by plugging two or more monitors into a desktop computer or one or more monitors into a laptop. Most laptops allow you to connect one external monitor. A desktop that spans two or more monitors significantly increases your desktop area so that you can drag windows, program icons, and other items to any location on the extended desktop.

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Business Continuity Tip
Flu Update

The influenza outbreak has reached epidemic proportions in the United States according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The number of states reporting widespread activity rose from 41 to 47 in one week. Click here for a snapshot of flu activity in your state.

In response, Agility Recovery hosted a free webinar featuring Dr. Michael Jhung, lead medical officer in the CDC's Influenza Division who will update us on the current status of the outbreak and the severity throughout the nation. Join us as we discuss how to reduce risk, prevent transmission of the virus and maintain a healthy work environment.

Please forward this newsletter to anyone else in your organization who might be interested!

Password Dos and Don'ts
used with permission from Norton by Symantec
by Marian Merritt

There have been some well-publicized news stories of hacked websites where millions of user accounts and passwords were posted publicly. Can you imagine if you were one of those users affected? They likely had to hurry to change their credentials and make sure they didn't use the same combination of email address and password on any other websites. Chances are these people, like many others, did use the same password for other accounts. Many people not only use the same password all over the Web, but they also choose weak and foolish passwords.

Here's a list of some of the top password choices for millions of computer users:

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The Future of IT
Used with the permission of http://thenetwork.cisco.com
by Padmasree Warrior

What an exciting time to be in the tech industry. We are at the beginning of a major transition to the Mobile-Cloud era. Trends like bring your own device (BYOD), access anywhere, virtualization, and machine-to-machine connections have given way to a new breed of applications. We estimate that approximately 50 billion devices will be connected by 2020. In 2010 alone, more than 350, 000 applications were developed with more than three million downloads. A 44-fold increase in data creation is predicted from 2010 to 2020, with 34 percent of it in the cloud. All of this leads to a world of intuitive connections between people, processes, data and things on the network € the Internet of Everything.

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When the Internet Goes 3D
Used with the permission of http://thenetwork.cisco.com
by Laurence Cruz

The Internet is having a mid-life crisis: Having just turned 40, it's starting to go 3D. The transition is still in its early stages, but champions of the cause say it's both natural and inevitable, with mass adoption expected within a few years. 3D will make the Web more social, they say, and it will introduce powerful new ways for people in education, business and medicine to interact with content and with each other.  Jani Pirkola, an evangelist of the 3D Internet in the Finnish high-tech hotbed of Oulu, predicts it will take off in 2018, with younger users and educational institutions leading the way. And he expects it will catch on faster than the 2D Internet did.

"Going from the Web to the 3D Internet is not as big a step as it was going from e-mail and telephones to the Web," says Pirkola, who is co-founder of an open-source 3D platform called realXtend. "People already grasp the idea of surfing around and doing things with computers."

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Catch Spyware Before It Snags You
reprinted with permission from Norton by Symantec

Have you ever clicked on an intriguing ad or link while surfing the Web and had a barrage of pop-up windows flood your screen or your browser suddenly send you to a slew of unsavory sites? Or have you ever installed a free download and noticed that your computer is suddenly sluggish because, unbeknownst to you, a program is now tracking your online movements?

Welcome to the mystifying world of spyware and adware. These programs are more than annoying. They can also pose security risks to everyday Internet users like you.

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Quote of the Month

"Never lose sight of the fact that the most important yardstick of your success will be how you treat other people - your family, friends, and coworkers, and even strangers you meet along the way."

- Barbara Bush

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