February 2014
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Business Continuity Tip
The Importance
of Water

Clean water. It's an essential element to survival. Yet - it's something we often and so easily take for granted.

The recent chemical spill in West Virginia, which prompted a State of Emergency and a 5 day water-use ban for nearly 300,000 residents, illustrated the severity of water contamination and the importance of including water in your emergency kit.

Make sure you're adequately prepared by reviewing these water supply tips from ready.gov.

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Clean out your inbox with improved Sweep and Search
used with permission from Microsoft
by Mike Schackwitz

If you€re like the average Outlook.com customer, you€ll receive over 10,000 personal emails over the next 12 months, and 80% of that will be the newsletters, offers and updates that often clutter your inbox. That€s a lot of email to deal with. It€s why the Outlook.com team spends much of our energy on giving you tools that make it easy to get to the email you care about. We hear from a lot of you that you love the tools we€ve built, like Sweep, that help address a lot of the commercial email. But we also hear, even among the savviest customers, that there are still a few tools and advanced features you haven€t tried.

The seven tips below will help you get a cluttered and clunky inbox in tip-top shape.

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Do more with less
used with permission from HP Technology at Work

Looking to maintain a competitive business edge during this economic recovery? Part of the solution may be to maximize productivity and overall operational IT efficiency. Doing more with less requires the strategic implementation of powerful off-the-shelf or built-in-house business management applications that accurately analyze detailed client data and measure overall company performance.

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Setting the Page Zoom Level in Adobe Reader

Here's a quick tip if the automatic zoom level in Adobe Reader has been driving you nuts. I know that every time I opened a PDF, it zoomed in to the full width of the window€often blowing up the document to an uncomfortably large size.

So, how do you change this setting so that documents open up at their actual size, or 100%?

It's a Preferences setting.

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4 Ways to Safeguard and Protect Your Small Business Data
used with permission from SBA.gov
by Caron Beesley

Are you doing enough to safeguard and protect your small business data?

Small businesses are widely adopting data back-up practices to ensure data is retrievable should a disaster occur, but gaps remain. According to a July 2012 study by accounting software company Sage, the bulk of small businesses are backing up key data such as financial information, but most businesses back up that data on-site only. Furthermore, the study found that only 38 percent of surveyed small businesses have a formal emergency or disaster preparedness plan.

Given the brutal impact of Superstorm Sandy and other disasters that affect small businesses on a regular basis, these are worrying statistics.

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Quote of the Month

"Err in the direction of kindness."

- George Saunders

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