March 2013
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Fighting Images in Microsoft Word

Remember this? You're working on a document € maybe it's a report for your sales meeting, a set of instructions for a client, or a promotional flyer € and you are trying to place an image. You're bumping it down a few keystrokes at a time to get it perfectly situated between paragraphs or at the bottom of the page when suddenly it goes flying off, jumping to the top of the page or disappearing completely.

What happened?!

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Business Continuity Tip
Cybercrime Goes Mobile

Mobile devices have become an essential tool for everyday life. We check in for flights, make online purchases, access bank accounts, and connect to social media all on mobile-enhanced websites and newly developed applications.

The worldwide adoption of the smartphone has prompted cybercriminals to shift their focus toward mobile users and away from the traditional PC environment. According to Norton's Cybercrime Report, 1 in 4 adults have been a victim of mobile and social cybercrime.

So what can we do to protect our mobile devices and guard our personal information? Use the tips below to keep your smartphone safe and secure.

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Why Security Updates Are Vital
used with permission from Norton by Symantec

Perhaps it's become a clich€, all this talk about the pace of technology, and change as a constant, and the need to stay ahead of the curve. But, clich€s develop for a reason--usually because there's truth in them. In the case of computer software, and particularly Internet security software, all the pace-of-technology talk is warranted.

Historically, computer software was a static form of technology. You would buy a program, load it on your machine, and use the software "as is" until the next version came out. However, that model no longer fits. Today's digital world is in constant flux, and in order to make the latest advances available immediately, software has become much more dynamic. Many programs can retrieve updates over the Internet and seamlessly incorporate the new technology into the original software. Of course, not all updates are vital. If we're talking video games or word processing software, there's nothing critical about updating your program between versions. However, if we're talking security software, ignoring updates can have serious consequences.

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Your Business is BYOD. Now What?
used with permission from HP Technology at Work

After serious consideration, you've allowed workers to BYOD (bring-your-own-device). They can now use their own laptops, notebooks, smartphones and tablets in the office and to conduct business after hours. Now it's time to quickly swing into action and choose the right supporting technology and IT strategy for maximizing your productivity and network security.

The BYOD express is running at full speed

In a December 2012 survey, Gartner noted that 33 percent of businesses have BYOD policies relating to the use of personal mobile devices to access enterprise applications. That number is expected to balloon to 70 percent by the end of 2013 [1].

Good news and bad news€smartphones and tablets enhance productivity and responsiveness by enabling workers to use their own favorite technology, effectively extending gadget-addicted employee workdays into personal time. Adopting a BYOD strategy can also lower your initial capital expenditures.

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Straight Talk About Cyberstalking
reprinted with permission from Norton by Symantec

Technology opens our lives up in ways that weren't possible even less than a decade ago. My children laugh themselves silly when they hear me waxing nostalgic about the days when we pulled over to the side of the road to use a public pay phone, or called someone on the phone for directions ("What? No cell phone? No GPS navigation?"). Today you can chat with someone whether they're in the next room or in another country with ease, via a variety of technologies. It's all fast and amazing.

On the flip side of that good fortune is that same technology has also provided a way for people to do bad things.

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Mobile Apps Cater to Our Connected World
Used with the permission of
by Kirsten Chiala

The future of mobile is faster and easier access to entertainment, shopping, and socializing.

From shopping to socializing, consumers are demanding faster, and easier transactions and connections, and retailers and developers are listening. Cisco's latest Mobile Visual Networking Index finds global consumer mobile data traffic grew an astounding 74% in 2012. It's no wonder then; mobility is changing the way we buy things and the way companies sell them. That means for many brick and mortar businesses, the cash register, like the desktop, is headed for the history museum. As you've no doubt noticed, more retailers are moving to purchase systems that allow them to sell anywhere, anytime, on handheld devices.

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Quote of the Month

"If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail."

- Abraham Maslow

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