March 2014
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> Intelligent Business Continuity: You need it, we can help.
> Windows XP: Time is running out, are you ready?
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> New Domain Names: A Good Choice for Your Business?
> Give Your Small Business a Spring Clean: 8 Tips That May Inspire You
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Give Your Small Business a Spring Clean: 8 Tips That May Inspire You
used with permission from
by Caron Beesley

Did you give your business a spring clean this year? Are you looking for new ways to boost sales, build your brand or get your business plan back on track?

This is the topic of one of SBA's monthly web chats € Small Business Spring Clean: How to Keep Your Business Ideas Fresh € hosted by Octavia Kuransky, Program Development Manager at Central Alabama Women€s Business Center (and archived on SBA€s Learning Center).

Check out some of these great suggestions from Octavia€s session and be inspired!

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Intelligent Business Continuity: You need it, we can help.

When was the last time you seriously thought about your business€s disaster recovery plan? If you€re like most small businesses you€ve thought about it briefly and then put it aside as something that is not pressing and can be dealt with another day, when your to-do list is shorter or you have more time. According to a Forrester Research Study 24% of companies polled had experienced a full data disaster and with less than 40% of all small to medium-sized businesses properly and regularly backing up their data, many are unable to recover. Now is the time to put in place a backup and disaster recovery plan before your company experiences an unexpected disaster and becomes one of the 70% of businesses that goes out of business within two years of suffering a serious data loss.


Don€t let this be you when disaster strikes!
One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is believing that a disaster will never happen to them. For many people the word disaster is associated with big weather events like hurricanes or earthquakes and the ensuing damage from flooding and fires but disasters are day-to-day occurrences.

When it comes to technology many of us have done something that could endanger our data to the point of no return, whether it€s accidently downloading a virus from an untrusted email attachment or deleting something by mistake, and it€s important to plan for the human error we all are susceptible to. Your data is the backbone of your company and keeping it safe from all potential negative forces is key.

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Windows XP: Time is running out, are you ready?
used with the permission of HTS


One of the most popular and longest lived Microsoft operating systems that we all know and love, Windows XP, has almost run its course. The clock is ticking... And on April 8, 2014, Windows XP will officially be €dead€, with no more extended support, and€more importantly€no more security patches. Hopefully, this news does not come as a surprise, as Microsoft has foretold the fate of XP since its release back in 2001.

Microsoft will no longer support Windows XP and Small Business Server 2003 so it€s time to make the change to ensure you remain on supported versions of Windows and Office.

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Business Continuity Tip
Mobile Cybercrime

With the recent uptick of in-store data-breaches, it's important to also remember the vulnerabilities associated with mobile devices, and social media platforms.

According to Norton€s Cybercrime Report, 1 in 4 adults have been a victim of mobile and social cybercrime. So what can we do to protect our mobile devices and guard our personal information?

♦ Regularly update your operating system for security patches.
♦ When you enter a website (especially financial) make sure that "https" appears in the address bar, which means connection is secure.
♦Turn the Bluetooth function off after using it. It is another way unknown applications or viruses can access your cell phone.
♦ Know how to perform a remote wipe to remove data from your device if lost or stolen.

New Domain Names: A Good Choice for Your Business?
used with permission from MSFT for Work

If your city suddenly decided to double the amount of waterfront property available for development, would you buy or would you be skeptical? That€s what€s happening on the Internet. More top-level domain names are being created so businesses can finally get those prize web addresses they€ve always wanted.  For small businesses there are 2 things to consider before rushing to preregister your new domain name: credibility and whether or not it will actually help your business. 

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Quote of the Month

"Clear thinking requires courage
rather than intelligence."

- Thomas Szasz

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