April 2015
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> A Conversation with Ron Sellers -
> Skype for Business is Here -- And This is Only the Beginning
> Changes in Technology Can Present Opportunity for Small & Mid-Size Business
> 3 Tips for Using a Tablet to Be Productive Everywhere
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> Business Continuity Tip
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Continuity Tip

Testing Your Recovery Plan

Testing your recovery plan is the best way to ensure that your organization will remain operational, no matter what. And the surprising part? Testing doesn't have to be expensive or time consuming.

One popular and cost-effective way to get started is with a table top exercise. This approach is efficient and focuses on your people and the tasks they will perform during a recovery.

We encourage you to make the pledge to test your plan. Through testing, you can reduce both recovery time and potential unknowns, ultimately protecting your business and the employees and customers who rely on you.

Clients who have their backup managed by Databranch do not have to worry about testing their recovery plan because we test it for you. Click here to learn more about DataGuard Disaster Recovery!

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A Conversation with Ron Sellers -
Hospice Chautauqua County

Ron Sellers, President of Hospice Chautauqua County, was kind enough to share his experiences partnering with Databranch for his organization's technology needs. We have been working with Ron and Hospice Chautauqua County for eight years now and value the relationship we have developed.

 Our mission is to help our clients succeed through effective planning, implementation and management of their technology. We are committed to delivering value every time we have the opportunity to work with a client.

Please watch the video above to see how we achieved this goal for Hospice Chautauqua County and visit our website to hear what other clients have to say about Databranch.

If you would like to share your experience working with Databranch, please reach out to Amanda Lasky at 716-373-4467 ext. 15 or alasky@databranch.com.

Skype for Business is Here -- And This is Only the Beginning
used with permission from Microsoft Office Blogs
by Zig Serafin

Enabling people to connect with one another is central to Microsoft's mission to reinvent productivity and help people make the most of every moment. For us, connecting people means delivering experiences capable of conveying all forms of human expression--verbal, written, visual and emotional. In today's modern workplace, productivity will increasingly be centered on conversations, whether in writing, in person, via phone or video conference call. People need communications tools that allow them to express themselves in the most natural and approachable way possible, and that work the way they do--fluidly across locations and devices.

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Changes in Technology Can Present Opportunity for Small & Mid-Size Business
used with permission from the Microsoft SMB Blog
Cindy Bates

Thanks to new technology, it's an exciting time for small and mid-size businesses. That's because many are finding that increased access to new technology - such as cloud and mobile solutions - can provide access to services that were never within their reach before, helping them grow and be more productive.

They are also finding that using old or outdated technology can hinder a company's ability to do business in a number of ways - from security risks and compliance issues to not being able to implement even modest changes or updates in software, all of which can significantly hamper a company's ability to be successful and competitive.

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3 Tips for Using a Tablet to Be Productive Everywhere
in the Office

used with permission from Microsoft at Work

Although many of us have laptops and other mobile devices, or can log in to work from a home desktop, we overwhelmingly spend most of our time in the office. That doesn't mean, however, that we spend all of our time at our desks. In fact, middle managers and executives spend between 35 percent and 50 percent of their time away from their desks and in meetings. We don't usually think of being "mobile" in the office, but that's what is happening when we're out of our chairs. So the question is, how do we improve our in-office productivity while in meetings or moving between them?

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Quote of the Month

"Humor is one of the best ingredients
of survival.

Aung San Suu Kyi

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