June 2010
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Security Watch List: How to Safeguard Your Company
The article re-printed courtesy of IBM ForwardView eMagazine 

Security breaches continued to make big headlines in 2009. And the outlook for 2010 is that we are likely to see more Internet-based breaches as more activity occurs online via browsers and e-mail. That's largely because the paradigm has shifted in the way we work, behave as consumers and even interact with each other. As more systems and devices become interconnected, we're harnessing new ways of communicating, accessing shared systems and information. But this progress also exposes organizations to risk by creating more entry points for hackers.

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Microsoft Products Reaching End-of-Life Support

If you're still using Windows XP or Windows 2000 Server, please be aware that they will reach end of support on July 13, 2010. If you experience a problem, issue or outage on one of these products Microsoft may not be able to help you resolve your issues until you have upgraded to a supported level of product. Databranch stands ready to help you with transitions and upgrades. Call us today to find out how to be certain your network and desktops stay at the ready to support your business.


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Small Phone Systems: The Basics
Small phone systems can provide big benefits to your company, whatever its size.
used with permission from Cisco

Today's small phone systems can run on your Internet Protocol (IP) network—the same network you use for data and applications. This helps your business save money, streamline network management, improve productivity, enhance customer service, and much more. In fact, when combined with IP networks, small phone systems are far more cost-effective and powerful than traditional phone systems.

Small phone systems on IP networks allow you to collaborate in real time using a variety of applications, such as video conferencing and instant messaging, all within one easy-to-use interface. Small phone systems enable your employees to conduct business with colleagues, partners, suppliers, and customers using video, voice, data, and mobility applications.

When evaluating small phone systems, consider one that provides easy access within a single interface to such tools as:

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Conjure Up Some Virtual Magic
used with permission from the Microsoft Small Business Center

Do you remember wondering as a kid how a magician could put one scarf in a hat and then pull out ten? And wishing you could do the same, maybe with a candy bar instead of a scarf? Well, magic might seem in short supply these days, but thanks to virtualization, your childhood wish just might be possible.

Okay, full disclosure: Virtualization won't work on candy bars. But it can turn one server into many, and since servers cost a heck of a lot more than Snickers, that's a pretty neat trick.

Consider those servers sitting in the backroom. Without virtualization, each of these physical boxes is functioning as a dedicated server, meaning it is dedicated to running a particular set of applications and "client devices" (that's IT-speak for PCs and peripherals, like printers, fax machines, and scanners). With virtualization software, one physical server can become multiple "virtual" servers, each capable of independently handling its own set of applications, devices, and users.

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Office 2010 - Love at First Sight!
by Jane Cage, COO, HTS

As your trusted technology partner, we feel duty bound to try before you buy. How can we make recommendations to you about products we don't know how to use? It's a dirty job, and sometimes risky, but someone has to try stuff first - so we do. Our experiences at being early adopters are sometimes frustrating. We figure our pain is your gain. I have a confession to make - it's not that way with Office 2010. Office 2010 is love at first sight!

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Quote of the Month

By the time a man realizes that his father was right, he usually has a son who thinks he's wrong.

- Charles Wadsworth

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