June 2011
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Small Business PBX: The Basics
used with permission from Cisco

Small business PBX phone systems today are increasingly more sophisticated. Here's a quick comparison of a conventional small business PBX system and a Unified Communications system that combines an Internet Protocol (IP) PBX and other features.

A Conventional Small Business PBX
Traditionally, a small business PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a telephone switching system that manages incoming and outgoing calls for a company's internal users. A PBX is connected to the public phone system and automatically routes incoming calls to specific extensions. It also shares and manages multiple lines. A typical small business PBX system includes external and internal phone lines; a computer server that manages call switching and routing; and a console for manual control.

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Business Continuity Tip

Safety is Key

A disaster can strike at any time. You and your coworkers should know what to grab and where to go if an emergency happens.

Does your company have an emergency plan in place? Ask around, and if no plan is in place, help create one.

Employee safety should be THE top priority when disaster strikes. When an emergency happens it is important for employees to react quickly and with purpose. Knowledge and practice are paramount.

Click here for employee safety tips from Ready.gov.

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5 Sure-Fire Ways to Protect your Private Information
used with permission from the HP Small Business Site

Last year, the reputation of online security took yet another major hit when over 200,000 users of Gawker Media websites — including those users who log in via Twitter — had their usernames and passwords hacked and distributed across the web. This massive data breach just goes to show that, while data security remains a major concern for Internet users the world over, protecting your business's confidential information is more than just a worry, it's vital to survival.

With that in mind, here are five sure-fire ways to keep your professional information under digital lock and key — whether you're online or off.

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Be Prepared for Anything—Not Just Disaster
reprinted with permission from HP

Most companies spend time anticipating and planning for disasters. But in a global economy, where opportunity and risk go hand-in-hand, other events can be as devastating to the unprepared as any hurricane.

The corporate landscape is dotted with potential landmines that can take a toll on businesses:

  • Skyrocketing energy costs and environmental mandates are forcing cuts in energy consumption.
  • Security audits can distract IT staff if the organization is not sufficiently prepared.

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Connected Businesses Win
Networks connect your world securely, reliably and more efficiently.
used with permission from the Cisco Small Business Website

People in small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) regularly connect with others who are vital to their success. Customers bring income, the lifeblood of any business. Partners, such as contractors and suppliers, provide services and products for daily operations. Prospects are vital for growth and new opportunities, and employees are the brains, hands, eyes, and ears that make a business successful.

A network can connect them all, according to Deb Mielke, operator of HomeOfficeReports.com, a Web site providing technology advice and information to small and home-based businesses. "Electronic communication is a great way to reach a lot of people," she says. "The beauty of networking and the Internet is that it can make a little guy look like a big guy."

But what is a network? And how can it connect your world securely, reliably, and efficiently?

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Get More from Your Data Center
Creating An IT Infrastructure to Support Consolidation & Virtualization

Server consolidation and virtualization can increase computing and data center performance while reducing costs. But they also change the power and cooling profile of your data center and can introduce potentially crippling power and cooling challenges.

With consolidation and virtualization, computing is concentrated on fewer servers, so each unit becomes more critical, requiring higher levels of protection. Additionally, new high density servers require more power and generate more heat that must be removed to avoid server degradation and allow you to fully utilize rack space.

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What You Need to Know Before Embracing Social Networking
used with permission from Symantec

Summary: Begin with a formal and well-understood policy for employees' use of public sites like Facebook and Twitter. Then follow the five recommendations in this article for balancing the risks and opportunities presented by social networking.

When Adam Savage, the tech-savvy host of the popular TV show "MythBusters," posted a picture on Twitter of his Toyota Land Cruiser, he was sharing a lot more information than he realized. As The New York Times reported last August: "Embedded in the image was a geotag, a bit of data providing the longitude and latitude of where the photo was taken. Hence, he revealed exactly where he lived. And since the accompanying text was "Now it's off to work," potential thieves knew he would not be at home."

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