June 2013
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> Scott Burroughs Promoted to Field Engineer
> Upgrade to Windows Server 2012?
> Work Effectively
> Protecting Your Phone and Tablet
> Using Outlook Calendar
> Business Continuity Tip
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Tips for Using Outlook Calendar

Like most people at my company, I use Outlook Calendar to remind myself and everyone else (who cares to know) when I am and am not available. Outlook Calendar is an invaluable tool if you€re in the habit of checking if someone is available first before you call them or send them a meeting invite.

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Business Continuity Tip
Tornado Alley

"Tornado Alley" typically includes the Plains states from the Dakotas to Texas. However, a new study shows that the frequency and severity of tornadoes are actually much more widespread. As you can see here, tornadoes can touchdown just about anywhere. For more interesting tornado maps, click here to visit one of our favorite blogs. Warning: it may become addictive.

While the peak time for tornadoes tends to be in the spring, there is no defined tornado season like there is for hurricanes. And given their unpredictable nature, it is vital you prepare your organization now.

Need help getting started?  We encourage all employees to review the Be Red Cross Ready - Tornado Safety Checklist for helpful tips on how to protect yourself, your friends and your family in the event of a tornado.

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Scott Burroughs Promoted to Field Engineer

Scott Burroughs

We are very pleased to announce the promotion of Scott Burroughs to Field Engineer. Scott joined the team at Databranch in August, 2012 and during that time has obtained numerous Microsoft certifications as well as certifications from CompTIA. Scott has succeeded in quickly becoming a valuable field engineer who is an integral part of our service team.

Currently, Scott holds the following certifications:

>Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS)
>Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) - Windows 7
>Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) - Windows 7 and Office 2010
>CompTIA Certified A+ and Certified Network+

Please join us in congratulating Scott for a well-earned promotion!

Time to Upgrade to Windows Server 2012?
used with permission from HP Technology at Work

Do you feel like you spend as much time evaluating new technologies as you do performing your job responsibilities? An over-exaggeration for sure, but carefully choosing network and computing technology obviously helps to determine whether your business operates as efficiently, productively or competitively as possible. That said, what€s the deal with Microsoft€ Windows Server 2012?

Introduced last September in Datacenter, Standard, Essentials and Foundation editions€the latter two specifically targeted at small businesses with a maximum of 15 and 25 users, respectively€Windows Server€s sixth release has received mostly favorable reviews for its installation options, user interface, task manager, IP address management and active directory. It€s also received high marks for its inclusion of Microsoft€s newest Hyper-V, resilient file system (ReFS) and Internet Information Services (IIS) 8.0, as well as its overall scalability.

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6 Ways to Work More Effectively on a Virtual Team
used with permission from Microsoft at Work

Working on a virtual team can be a challenge. Communications on global teams, with team members in different time zones, can be difficult. Managing remote teams and keeping track of where people store critical information can be tiresome. Here are some suggestions to help with virtual team management and to help your team work more effectively.

1. Use Instant Messaging for quick impromptu meetings

Use instant messaging (also known as IM or chat) to get quick answers or opinions from your teammates. IM programs, such as Windows Live Messenger, are free. At a glance, you can check your coworkers€ status to see whether they€re available to chat online. Use IM in the way that suits the occasion:

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Protecting Your Phone and Tablet from Loss, Theft and Attacks
used with permission from Norton by Symantec

Our phones are not just phones anymore. That €phone€ that you use to stay in touch with people is actually a little computer (let€s call it a €mobile device€) containing valuable information about you, your family, your friends, and your life. Can you imagine losing your mobile device?  Or, what if your mobile device or tablet is attacked by a virus or a phone phishing attack? Because many daily activities were previously done on your PC, the information on your mobile device is now as critical and confidential as data on your laptop or desktop. It€s time to start thinking about protection beyond the PC.

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Quote of the Month

"I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people."

- Mahatma Ghandi

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