June 2014
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> The Secret to Getting More Juice Out of Your Notebook Battery
> Schedule Your Emails in Outlook Using Delay Delivery
> New Research Shows Rise in "Deceptive Downloads"
> Don't Forget Your Every Day Password Security
> Reasons to Connect to the Cloud Now
> Business Continuity Tip
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4 Major Reasons to Connect to the Cloud Now
used with permission from MSFT for Work

If you haven't started exploring cloud solutions for your business, consider this: As much as 40% of all IT spending by 2016 will be for cloud-related platforms and applications. That's because the cloud can help your business reduce costs, engage employees in new ways, and increase agility, efficiency, and productivity.

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Business Continuity Tip
Turn Your Smartphone into a Preparedness Tool

This spring's devastating tornadoes and floods send the reminder that severe weather can have real and unpredictable consequences that leave you, your family, and your business at serious risk.

To help you prepare for severe weather and emergencies of any kind, check out these free preparedness mobile apps from the Red Cross. The apps have everything you need to know to plan, prepare and respond, and an audible siren that goes off when NOAA issues any kind of severe warning.

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The Secret to Getting More Juice Out of Your Notebook Battery
used with permission from HP Technology at Work

With the rise of the notebook PC, we€ve been able to stay productive, creative and entertained almost anywhere. We€re no longer tethered to our desks or a certain location€that is, until it€s time to recharge.

How we use a notebook and all its features controls how long the battery runs without recharging. Here are a few tips to follow that can help improve overall battery performance €and keep us on the go.

Charge-cycle care

One of the more commonly-known strategies revolves around how often you connect and disconnect the charger. This method also largely depends on the type of battery and notebook model you€re using. Many older notebooks feature nickel-metal batteries, while modern notebooks are built with lithium-ion batteries. For the nickel-metal variety, it can help to completely drain your battery until it shuts down, and then fully recharge it. Doing so for lithium-ion batteries, though, has been known to have a negative effect on battery efficiency.

Strategies for maximizing power based on the charging method vary by battery type. To find out which type of battery you have, shut down your PC and release the battery. On the top or bottom of the battery, there should be a €Li-ion€ for lithium-ion or €NiMH€ or €Ni-Cad€ for nickel batteries.

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Schedule Your Emails in Outlook Using Delay Delivery

Timing is everything € and this goes for email too!

If you've ever been irritated (or € ahem € irritated others) by getting a rash of emails at 2am from that co-worker who never seems to sleep, then the Delay Delivery option in Outlook comes to the rescue.

And it€s really easy!

When you are composing a new email in Outlook, goes to the Options tab on the composer window.

Under More Options on the right side of the Ribbon, you€ll see Delay Delivery.

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New Research Shows Rise in "Deceptive Downloads"
used with permission from Microsoft Security Tips & Talk
by Eve Blakemore

According to the latest cybersecurity report from Microsoft, €deceptive downloads€ were the top threat for 95 percent of the 110 countries surveyed.

What are deceptive downloads?

Deceptive downloads are legitimate downloadable programs (usually free) such as software, games, or music that cybercriminals bundle with malicious items.

For example, you might receive a file in email or through social networking, but when you try to open it you see a message that says you don€t have the right software to open it. You do a search online and come across a free software download that claims it can help you open the file. You download that software, but you unknowingly might also be downloading malicious software (also known as €malware€) with it. This malware might have the ability to access personal information on your computer or use your computer for cybercrime.

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Don't Forget Your Every Day Password Security

It seems like website hacks and data breaches are constantly in the news these days. While the growing size of these breaches increases the probability that each of us could be affected, we often forget that we haven't taken simple, every day precautions. They are the easiest to be lax about - so make an effort to run through this list of tips and see what you can brush up on.

1. Change the default usernames and passwords that come with your hardware, devices, and software.
For example, access points and routers, which are central to wireless networks, can be easily hacked because a quick online search will reveal their default settings.

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Quote of the Month

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect."

- Mark Twain

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