July 2011
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Business Resiliency Prevents Downtime, Data Loss & Disaster
Used with permission from IBM ForwardView

For years, midsize companies have protected themselves against downtime and data loss caused by disasters such as hurricanes and fires. But in today's intelligent and interconnected world, where information is one of the most valuable assets a business can have, many midsize companies are not doing enough to protect themselves from the full range of risk.

Despite reminders from experts that most businesses at some time will experience an event that results in serious data loss, significant numbers of midsize companies' IT managers acknowledge that they do not have an adequate backup strategy for their critical data.

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Business Continuity Tip

Heat Wave
Fire up the AC; the hot and humid days of summer have arrived.

As temperatures rise, it's important to remember, extreme heat can produce electrical brownouts. Having a backup plan for power loss can prevent short-term interruptions from becoming long-term pain. To avoid unexpected interruptions this summer, protect your technology with an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and have charged laptops, with back-up batteries, on-hand for employees. While extreme heat can wreak havoc on computers and other electrical devices, it also poses a serious threat to the well-being of your family and your employees. During the summer months, more people in this country die from extreme heat than from hurricanes, lightning, tornadoes, floods and earthquakes combined.

Click here for some informative tips on how to stay safe and cool this summer.

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5 Tips for Building Connected Work Teams with Online Collaboration Tools
Used with permission from Microsoft Small Business Site

Anyone who has tried to manage a geographically dispersed work team knows how challenging it can be to keep the lines of communications open and efforts well-coordinated. Time zone differences delay communications, different communications styles cause misunderstandings, and activities are difficult to schedule. To complicate matters, it's not easy to make sure that everyone has the latest progress updates, project information and changes to customer requirements.

Too many companies are still relying on phone calls, emails and expensive on-site meetings to manage their team collaboration and keep projects on schedule. That's unfortunate when current technology can help build a connected work team and make long-distance collaboration so much simpler.

Here are five tips for using online collaboration tools to build connected work teams:

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Unleash The Power of Email
Used with permission from the Microsoft Small Business Site

Can you imagine running your business without email? Probably not, and even if you can, you surely can't picture going back to those bygone days of telephone tag, snail mail, and scribbled notes left on colleagues' desks. Not to mention the frustration of trying to schedule meetings without access to your coworkers' calendars, or fumbling through a stack of business cards to find a client's phone number.

Whether you're contacting customers or suppliers, scheduling a staff meeting or tracking down a critical message, email has become the backbone of business communication. But a growing mountain of email has made it increasingly difficult for users to organize and manage their mailboxes and has turned up the heat on IT to protect and maintain critical business communications. Now is a good time to ask yourself: Has your email solution kept up with demands for larger mailboxes and easy access for mobile workers? Does it provide the security, reliability and ease of use you need to be safe, competitive and productive?

These are the sorts of questions that Brian Leitner of Van Scoyoc Associates had begun to ponder. As IT director for an 80-person lobbying firm in Washington, D.C., Leitner was responsible for an email solution that used Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and Avaya Modular Messaging. With the hardware nearing its end of life in 2010, it seemed like the ideal time to explore communications solutions that would resolve simmering problems with reliability and user experience.

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Never Lose Another File
Four Reasons Why the Time Is Right to Adopt Document Management

Where's the latest client services contract? What's the medical history on this patient? Where is the case filing from last year's lawsuit? Why can't we seem to find the documents we need?

If you're like most small to midsize businesses today, you can recall a time when you had to rummage through thousands of files -- just to get your hands on the one you needed. And if you're a company in the highly regulated accounting, finance or healthcare world, you may encounter this frustrating scenario almost every day.

Worse yet, the amount of data produced and retained by companies continues to soar -- with no real end in sight.

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Make a Decision!!!
by Craig Kitch    http://www.craigkitch.com/

Do you ever feel like you live life with one foot on each side of the fence? You want to do one thing but are still attracted to another? I know people who have a hard time deciding what they want for lunch. For crying out loud, it's just lunch. Make a decision!

I am working with a man who is launching his own business and he has really struggled with what market to target and how he will approach them. Truth is, his business will fit several specific markets and he has been changing his mind constantly for the last few months regarding who he wants to serve. I finally asked him to write down every potential target market he could think of for his product. I then had him scratch off anyone he did not want to service, which left a short list of people who would benefit from his product and whom he felt like he would enjoy working with. Then I simply said: "Pick one".

At this point it did not matter if he threw a dart at the list while blindfolded and allowed fate to choose his customer. The bottom line is that he has floundered in his business, and never fully launched it, because of indecision. I once had a mentor tell me that failure to make a decision ultimately constitutes a decision in and of itself. That decision is one of inaction and ultimately will result in total failure.

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