August 2011
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The "Other" Button
by Jane Cage, CFO & COO, Heartland Technology Solutions

We have a new phone system here at the office. I've been busy configuring buttons, learning new shortcuts and setting preferences so that I can be more efficient in my use of this new tool. I know from practical experience that what I learn in the first couple of weeks will be the majority of what I learn about the system. Have you ever considered that the same principle applies to a tool you have been using at your computer for probably years now - the mouse?

Microsoft has made many improvements to increase your efficient use of Microsoft Office products by taking advantage of a key that we seldom use - the right button on the mouse. Office 2010 takes incredible advantage of the right click. Almost any task that you would perform by going to a menu can be accomplished by using the right click. Type anything in Microsoft Word, then right click. You can change the font, the numbering, find a synonym or build a hyperlink. Right click inside an Excel spreadsheet and you can insert, paste, filter and format.

Wonder what else you can do by clicking the "other" button? Watch this short video from Microsoft Office Casual and find out.

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The Cloud's Top 10 'Greats' and 'Gotchas'
by Courtney Kaufman, Marketing Manager of Accent Computer Solutions, Inc.

Cloud computing is again a hot buzz word in the business world. In technical terms, cloud computing is the on-demand provision of data and software via a computer network rather than from a local computer. Essentially this means that programs like Microsoft Word and Excel reside on the Internet and not on the user's hard drive, similar to Google Docs.

I think "the Cloud" is great, and never has there been a more agile technology solution for businesses, but there are also some major "gotcha" moments that you need to be aware of.

Cloud big shots such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google suffered huge problems in the past few months that shut down services and websites, temporarily paralyzing companies that use their services.

The cloud is not all bad, but it needs to be used wisely. If you're a business owner, you need expert advice on this matter, that way you'll be able to reap the amazing benefits of the cloud while bypassing the potential risks.

Here are 10 great and not-so-great things you should know about the cloud as you plan your next major business move.

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It's The Right Thing to Do
By Craig Kitch -

I read a great story about President Dwight D. Eisenhower, relayed by one of his staff members. Apparently the Eisenhower cabinet had been in a tussle over a difficult decision. Each of the cabinet officers argued the subject endlessly from his perspective. The secretary of defense argued that if his idea were not implemented, it would damage national security. The secretary of state argued a point that would protect foreign policy. The secretary of the treasury was concerned about financial implications. Finally, a red-faced President Eisenhower asked: "Well, what's the right thing to do? To that, one of the cabinet members said: Well, the right thing would be thus and such, to which all of the cabinet members agreed. The president made his decision and the press was notified.

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5 Steps to Create and Execute a Technology Plan
by Courtney Kaufman, Marketing Manager of Accent Computer Solutions, Inc.

As an owner or business executive have you ever contemplated your business objectives and come to realize that your technology is in the way of your plans?

Have you had a great idea about improving business operations or productivity and found out that you just don't have the right computer systems, or that it will cost a ton of money to upgrade? Would you like to know what the new trends are and how they could benefit you?

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Quote of the Month

"I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones."

- John Cage

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