August 2014
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> In Defense of Devices: Cyber Security Concerns Spread Beyond Your Phone
> Windows XP Registry Hack Will Not Protect Your PC Against All Threats
> Protect Your Passwords
> Virtual Success
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Business Continuity Tip
Isolated Incidents

While all disasters pose a serious threat, sometimes it's the ones we least expect that cause the most damage.

You never know when disasters such as burst pipes, illness, fire, or flooding due to a broken sprinkler system might happen to your business.

Anticipating and planning for these types of disasters can make all the difference.

Databranch can help provide a solution for your company€s business continuity and disaster recovery needs. If you would like to learn more, please call us today to speak with an Account Manager, or visit

To find out how much downtime would cost your business, try our new recovery time calculator.

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In Defense of Devices: Cyber Security Concerns Spread Beyond Your Phone
used with permission from Norton by Symantec

We're always hearing about the connected future, an €Internet of Things€ (IoT) where our smartphones and tablets are joined online by ever more devices: cameras, TVs, microwaves and fridges, even baby monitors. It sounds great, but every one of those internet-connected devices is another security concern, as Symantec€s 2014 Internet Security Threat Report demonstrates only too clearly.

As the report states, last year saw high-profile hacks of baby monitors, security cameras and even home routers by cybercriminals. Meanwhile, security researchers dug around in the software of other devices and found ways to attack smart televisions, cars and € most horrifying of all € medical equipment. That doesn't mean criminals are actively doing so just yet, and the potential financial gain from hacking certain devices is debatable, but the rapid adoption of connected devices means a growing number of relatively untested targets.

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Windows XP Registry Hack Will Not Protect Your PC Against All Threats
used with permission from Microsoft Security Tips & Talk
by Eve Blakemore

In April, Microsoft ended support for Windows XP. This means that if your computer is still running Windows XP, you are no longer receiving security updates.

Several tech news sources have recently reported a change that you can make to your Windows registry (known as a €registry hack€) that tells your Windows XP computer that it€s running Windows Embedded or Windows Server 2003.

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Protect Your Passwords
used with permission from Microsoft Safety & Security Center

Creating strong passwords and keeping them secret are the first steps. Follow this advice to help keep your passwords out of the wrong hands.

Secure your passwords
  • Don't share your passwords with anyone, and don't store them on the device they're designed to protect. Never send a password in email or instant messages because they're not reliably secure.
  • Use a unique password for each website. If someone steals a password that you use on many different sites, all the information it protects is at risk. Keep track of your passwords on a sheet of paper stored in a secret place.
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Virtual Success
used with permission from HP Technology at Work

It€s tough to make a meeting engaging and informative€it€s even harder to do this when the attendees aren€t in the same room. Virtual meetings are becoming increasingly important for modern businesses, especially as employees become more mobile and the idea of office hours becomes more blurred.

Organizing and executing a virtual meeting has many of the same challenges as holding an in-person meeting, but some of these may be magnified and others may be completely new to the virtual environment. Let€s look at a few pointers to make sure your virtual meetings are as effective as possible.

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Quote of the Month

"Quality is more important than
quantity. One home run is much better
than two doubles.."

- Steve Jobs

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