September 2009
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Free Windows 7 Upgrade Available
reprinted with permission from the HP Small& Medium Business Site

Windows€ 7 promises exciting new functionality for PC users, so maybe you're set on waiting until the final release date to get your new PC [3]. Wait no more! HP's Windows 7 Upgrade Option Program allows you to order an Upgrade Kit for free if your PC purchase qualifies [1]. Just order now and your kit will ship after Windows 7 becomes publicly available on October 22, 2009.

What is the upgrade program?
If you purchase one to 25 eligible HP desktop PCs, notebook PCs, or workstations, just meet these simple Eligibility Requirements to receive a free Windows 7 Upgrade Kit [1,2]

1. Your PC must be purchased on or after June 26, 2009 and before January 31, 2010.

2. Your PC must have one of the following Windows Vista versions factory-installed:
Windows Vista Business
Windows Vista Ultimate
Windows Vista Home Premium
Windows XP Professional downgraded by HP from Windows Vista Business.

3. Your PC must be on the Eligible Models list [2].

The upgrade program supports "like-to-like upgrades," so customers who purchase Windows Vista Business are eligible for upgrade to Windows 7 Professional, Windows Vista Home Premium to Windows Home Premium, and Windows Vista Ultimate to Windows 7 Ultimate.

Additionally, you must have proof of purchase, in the form of a receipt, invoice or packing slip that clearly shows the vendor and date of purchase. Please visit HP's Windows 7 upgrade program website to learn more about eligibility requirements.

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Join us on October 15th for a
Databranch Lunch Seminar

In today's economy cost savings are more important than ever, and the role of IT is vital to the success of every organization. With desktops representing a significant portion of IT spending, it is now time to change the game.

"The desktop manager's role has changed dramatically over the last few years. Five years ago, most
desktop managers focused on software deployment and patch management and measured their success with factors like meeting patch compliance objectives. Today is a different story.

Lock Up Your Servers!
Jason Appel,
Security Practice Manager, Sage Computer

One aspect often overlooked when securing our information is physical security. The goal of physical security is to control who can walk up to the information and touch it. The idea is to prevent unwanted information disclosure, loss, or corruption, the same as when securing the information across the network or from the internet. The difference is that physical security deals with the "real world".

For most of us, this doesn't mean training your Chihuahua as an attack dog or outfitting your employees with dark shades, cheap suits and sleeve microphones; it simply means using some common sense.

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E-Mail Etiquette for Wireless Devices: 7 Tips
by Christopher Elliott
Reprinted with permission from the Microsoft Small Business Center

This isn't another lecture about minding your e-mail manners. This is a story about a new subset of e-mail etiquette. Call it wireless politeness.

An increasing number of e-mail messages are being received on small, wireless devices with limited screen space — devices such as Windows Mobile-based Smartphones. Being polite is still important. But so are a number of other considerations, including brevity, diction and consideration for bandwidth.

Reader Terri Thornton aptly sums up the frustration with today's wireless transmissions. "I hate checking my e-mail and having the subject line be so long that it scrolls forever until I can figure out what the topic is, or whether it's important," says Thornton, a Cincinnati marketing executive. "Worse is the one-word subject line that says nothing and you have to open it to find out what it is and discover it's 30 lines of nothing."

So what is the etiquette for sending e-mail messages to and from wireless devices? Here are seven tips.

5 Ways To Win Over a Dream Client
by Jeff Wuorio
Reprinted with permission from the Microsoft Small Business Center

Every business has a dream client — one prospect they'd give just about anything to land.

The gap between that wish and reality can often be substantial. But it's not hopeless. Here are five different issues that may separate you and the customer of a lifetime, along with strategies that may turn your wish list into a working relationship.


Just for Laughs


Quote of the Month

A high school teacher
hung this sign under the clock
in her classroom,
"Time will pass. . . Will you?"

- James E. Myers

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