October 2012
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Need Speed? 5 Ways to Tune Your Network with a LAN Switch
reprinted with permission from the Cisco Small Business Resource Center

When the traffic load grows on your network, how do you steer around congestion and reduce collisions? By switching.

"Network switches are like the tires of a car€you take them for granted until there's a problem," says ITPointe President Gabriel Ruiz. "Then everybody relying on them suffers."

Effective switching is essential to handle the growing network traffic coming from video and other bandwidth-intensive applications, more user devices, and more packets headed to servers and storage in the cloud.

"When you begin a cloud service, don't be surprised to see that you're pushing out 50 percent more traffic to the Internet than you had before," says Ash Creek Enterprises President Mark Calzone. "Your network infrastructure must be ready."

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Business Continuity Tip

Employee Preparedness

When we think of disaster recovery, we often think of a company€s infrastructure; buildings, equipment, data and computer systems. It€s easy to forget that business continuity is first and foremost about the people. It€s people, not technology that recover businesses.

So if your employees are your most valuable asset, what can you do to protect them? View Agility Recovery's webinar "Protecting Your Organization by Preparing Your Employees" for strategies and best practices for helping your employees prepare themselves and their families for a crisis.

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The Latest on Windows 8 Professional and Enterprise

Anticipation for Windows 8 has been fierce because of some major changes to the look and feel of the operating system. We€re bringing you a rundown on some of the new and improved features of both Windows 8 Pro and Enterprise so you€ll know what to expect as the release date draws near. The following will help you decide which version will prove to be more useful for you and your business/organization.

Windows 8 Pro

Windows 8 Pro replaces Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate and is aimed at business users and technical professionals. It will be available for October 26, 2012.


Windows Store and Apps. Windows 8 will provide its users with access to the upcoming Windows Store. The Windows Store will feature both free and paid applications and will aim for greater transparency than Apple€s App Store and iTunes store. Some of the apps that come with Windows 8 include Bing Finance, Bing Maps, Bing Weather, Calendar, Camera, Mail, Messaging, Photos, SkyDrive (a cloud storage app), and Reader.

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New Features of Internet Explorer 10

If you€re using an older version of Internet Explorer, you€ll be happy to know that the latest version, Internet Explorer 10, will soon be available. You can get Internet Explorer 10 either by upgrading to Windows 8 or by downloading it from Microsoft€s website once it becomes available to download.

There are two versions of IE10, both of which come bundled with Windows 8: a traditional desktop browser, and a Metro-style, touch-friendly browser. The former is fully extensible with third party add-ons and plug-ins, whereas the latter relies on HTML5 technology in lieu of plug-in support and focuses primarily on app content to increase battery life and enhance performance.  This makes the Metro-style browser ideal for tablets and other mobile devices, although it can just as easily be used on a desktop computer.

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7 Ways to Make Your PC Last Longer
reprinted with permission from the HP Technology at Work

A primary concern for most business owners is how to get the most bang for your buck. When you€re purchasing expensive technology, this becomes an even more valid point of consideration.

Buying computers is one of the larger investments you have to make in order to effectively run a business. To avoid surprise crashes and loss of data, it€s not recommended to hold onto a frequently used computer for more than four to five years. However, there are things you can do to help prolong its life span and enable it to perform better over time, saving you money in the long run.

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Text to Table and Table to Text in Microsoft Word

You might have had this happen to you: someone sends a file with data that you need. You open it up and realize the formatting is off. It€s in a table, along with columns of other data, and you need a bulleted list. You realize you€re going to have to copy and paste or retype all the information you need.

Another scenario is that you€re putting together data, but you€ve just tabbed from one €column€ to another. Maybe you have a list of items separated by commas. Then you realize that what you€re working on is becoming much longer than you had thought and needs to be in a table. Time to redo it all?


Microsoft Word lets you convert a table to text and text to a table. You select where you want the €breaks€ to be (columns become separated by tabs or commas, or tabs or commas become column breaks) and voila!

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Quote of the Month

"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."

- Maria Robinson

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