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Ransomware Prevention

On average, a business is infected with ransomware every forty seconds. 

Ransomware is a nasty form of malware that viciously and unapologetically infects your computers and servers.

The ransomware will encrypt hard drives and files until a ransom is paid in exchange for the decryption key. 

The ransom is arbitrary and defined by the hacker. The payment method is always a type of digital currency, such as Bitcoin, which allows the hacker to remain anonymous.

Unfortunately, the ransom itself is not the only expense associated with the attack. Many ransomware attacks lead to downtime and some even lead to total loss of data and / or hardware.

The real expense is associated with the outage caused by the ransomware and the effort to eradicate the malicious code and then recover system functionality. Our Recovery Time Calculator can show you just how much ransomware will cost your businesses due to downtime.

The threat and impact of ransomware infection is real and there are essentially two things one can do to address it. The first is put effective cyber-security controls in place to prevent the infection. The second is to have recovery methods in place if an infection is detected.

Steps to Address the Threat of Ransomware: 

  1. Security Awareness Training
  2. Vulnerability and Patch Management
  3. Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware
  4. Email & Web Content Filtering
  5. Secure Remote Access Technologies

Recovery Methods:

  1. Incident Response Plan
  2. Network Segmentation
  3. Effective Data Backup Strategy
  4. Disaster Recovery Plan

Ransomware is an incredibly popular, effective and profitable cybersecurity attack. It is a real menace. The good news is that the right prevention and recovery tactics will prepare anyone to address the threat of ransomware with confidence and success.

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