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Doug Wilson


Associates Degree in IT.

Professional Certifications:

Working on it! Currently pursuing my CompTIA A+ certification.


How did you get into the technology field?

I’m a late bloomer, but I got envious seeing all the fun my good friend and associate Mike Wilson was having in the technology field.

When did you join the Databranch team?

July 2020

What do you like best about Databranch?

I’ve never had the pleasure of working in such a tight-knit team environment with so many bright people.

How would you describe your role at Databranch?

Just below Sophie on the food chain (and deservedly so!). On a serious note, I get to work with our clients to help resolve technology challenges and implement new solutions for their organizations.

What’s an interesting way that you use technology in your personal life? 

I programmed my Super Nintendo to cook me breakfast in the morning.  Still awaiting the patent before I go worldwide.

How many computers do you own?

Just one, luckily though, where I work there’s a whole bunch!


I basically live my life in a perpetual nostalgia machine, so everything that I liked when I was 13?  Good chance I still dig it.  


A boy and a girl: Preston Bradford Wilson and Cali Grace Wilson.  2 more and I can field my own basketball team.


Also just one, a Yorkie named Leo (if you live local, you may have heard his shrill barking at some point…).