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Olean Managed Firewall

Protection 24/7 with DataGuard Firewall Management

DataGuard Managed Firewall by Databranch

Without a firewall, computers and data are accessible to attacks, theft, and destruction via the internet. Having a solid business network security plan in place can protect you from these threats. The best defense for your business is to have corporate virus protection in place. A firewall acts as a barrier to outside attacks to your network and, for most companies, is your primary defense against hackers, spammers, and other malevolent forces. A firewall will protect every connection to the internet and is fundamental for a secure network. Even for a small business, network security needs to be a top priority.

The DataGuard Managed Firewall filters information coming through your internet connection and blocks unauthorized intrusion on a 24/7/365 basis. We also ensure that all software and hardware is installed, maintained, and replaced when needed. With business network security, you get peace of mind.

Network Security Services include:

  • Firewall hardware
  • Installation, hardware, and software licenses
  • Management of software updates and installation
  • Monthly reporting
  • Annual security review
  • Replacement of firewall hardware every 36 months
  • Web content filtering and intrusion prevention