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Olean Email Management

The Best E-mail Management Software with DataGuard

DataGuard Email Management by Databranch

Traditional anti-spam solutions often involve costly on-site hardware and software and are expensive to manage, maintain, and upgrade. What’s more: conventional on-site deployment models introduce additional points of failure and require more on-site labor and expertise.

With DataGuard Email Management, you get industry leading protection against spam, viruses, and phishing along with web-based, real-time, customized reporting. Databranch uses DoubleCheck, powered by DoubleCheck Email Security technology, which allows you to take control of your messaging and ensures up-time on a 24/7 basis.

DoubleCheck Email Security is a cloud email security solution that requires no on-site hardware or software. Leveraging the DoubleCheck Security Cloud, DoubleCheck Email Security delivers comprehensive inbound and outbound protection from spam, viruses, spyware, and phishing attacks, while ensuring email visibility and control for administrators and dynamic, per-user filtering for employees.

Service includes:

  • 98% elimination of spam, viruses and phishing common even amongst the hardest hit customers
  • Auto whitelisting and custom lists
  • User quarantine
  • Message spooling
  • Hierarchical global, domain group, domain, user group, and user-level policies
  • Intelligent email routing
  • In-depth logging, reporting, monitoring, and alerting