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Steven Peterson


Associate’s of Applied Science in Network Systems Administration

Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration – Information Technology Management

Going back to school to work on a Masters in Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence.


How did you get into the technology field?

I started taking apart my mom’s appliances at a young age to see how they worked. When I was 13, I got my first desktop computer, an old early 90’s era Whitebox with a 386 processor, 64MB of RAM and an 800MB hard drive. I must have reinstalled Windows 3.1 a million times figuring out different hardware configurations and settings. Taught myself programming in BASIC. I started professionally in 2005 at Best Buy Geek Squad as a “Counter-Intelligence Agent”, which is their name for a services consultant.

When did you join the Databranch team?

June 2023

What do you like best about Databranch?

It’s a small enough company where you are still a name, but not so big where you’re a number. Everyone I have met is very welcoming, personable, and friendly.

How would you describe your role at Databranch? 

Field Engineer, I help meet our customers’ needs and solve their problems.

What’s an interesting way that you use technology in your personal life?

My home is a smart house. My TV, Cameras, Door Locks, Indoor/Outdoor Lights, Switches, Stove, Dishwasher, Washer and Dryer, and Refrigerator can be controlled and monitored through Home Assistant from any room by voice on my cell phone. It’s so easy to use, my five-year-old has mastered the controls on the devices she has access to.

How many computers do you own?

Too many to count. My daily driver is a 14” Dell Latitude laptop and my Samsung Tab S7+ is my travel companion.


Working on my cars, fixing computers, repair/refurbishing video game consoles, and building retro gaming consoles.


I have two kids, my 5-year old daughter Nora and 9-year old son Zachary.


We have 4 cats. Artemis (male Tuxedo), Ginsberg & Bartleby (identical male Bombay twins), and Eva (female Tortie)