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Intrusion Detection


When people think of IT security, they will generally think of preventative tools such as antivirus software and firewalls. While these are still important layers to have in your cybersecurity efforts, hackers are continuously crafting new methods to bypass these systems.

How would your business respond if a hacker slipped through the cracks? Would you know?

The longer they remain undetected, the more damage they can do. This includes collecting sensitive information, changing account settings, or launching ransomware.

To protect our clients from malicious threat actors, we offer businesses around Buffalo, NY a managed detection and response (MDR) solution as part of our Managed Services. MDR is an intrusion detection software designed to specifically look for indicators of compromise and hidden threats that other tools may miss. 

Once an alert is received, our MDR software sends the data to a team of highly trained technicians who manually analyze the potentially malicious activity, allowing them to eliminate false positives. If a threat is confirmed, the device will be isolated from your network and remediation work will commence. 

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