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Penetration Testing

For each advancement in technology, a new opportunity opens for cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Though protecting a network against cybersecurity seems like an endless battle at times, the best way to counter this is to ensure your network stays two steps ahead.

One truly effective way to ensure attackers can’t target your business is to perform a network and server penetration testing.

Network penetration testing or ‘pen testing’, is one of the most proactive steps a company can take to protect its data. Pen testing is more than just a one-off effort at identifying your vulnerabilities, this also exposes the weakest shield your server possibly has.

With pen testing, a company benefits from someone taking the viewpoint of a hacker, using tactics and tools that would play out in a real-life event. The main difference, however, between vulnerability testing and penetration testing is that pen testers go beyond finding weaknesses to actually compromising weaknesses to provide a real-life example exposure.

Pen testing can uncover:

  • Feasibility of attack vectors
  • Vulnerability that proves difficult to identify through automated means
  • The ability of network defenders to detect and respond to cyber attack

Penetration testing is one of several ways to shore up network defenses against the ever-growing threats on data security. It is one of several proactive tactics that should be part of regular security measures. Contact DataBranch today for a free consultation on our Network Penetration Testing Services, and how that service can help better secure your business.

We offer network penetration testing services to companies of all sizes in Jamestown, NY. Our penetration testing services (pen testing) can help your business identify and repair unknown vulnerabilities within your IT environment. Don’t hesitate to reach out for more information regarding our pen testing services and capabilities. We look forward to helping your company improve your security posture!