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Olean Patch Management

DataGuard Patch Management from Databranch

We know that rolling out software updates throughout an organization can be extremely time-consuming. We can help with DataGuard Patch Management.

According to, “The rise of widespread worms and malicious code targeting known vulnerabilities on un-patched systems, and the resultant downtime and expense they bring, is probably the biggest reason so many organizations are focusing on patch management.”

Make “install and forget” a thing of the past: our DataGuard Patch Management solution automates and manages service packs, hot-fixes, and patches from a single location. Customized distribution and updates ensures the solution will be a perfect fit for your organization.

Services include:

  • Detection: we automatically scan your systems for missing security patches
  • Assessment: if necessary updates are not installed, we determine the severity of the issue(s) addressed by the patch and the mitigating factors to determine if the patch is implemented or not
  • Acquisition: we download the patch for testing
  • Testing: we install the patch on our test system to verify the ramifications of the update against your configuration
  • Roll-out: we deploy the patch throughout your organizations and resolve any issues that arise
  • Maintenance: we monitor software alerts to vulnerabilities and other issues as they are reported, which starts the process anew

We recommend you ask yourself these three questions:

  • Who checks for patches in your business?
  • Who installs them?
  • Who confirms the patches don’t create new, unexpected problems?