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Security Assessment

Security Assessment from Databranch

Identifying the right level of security to protect your IT infrastructure begins with a comprehensive security assessment that includes vulnerability/penetration evaluation, assessment reporting and security policy creation.

Vulnerability/Penetration Evaluation
Databranch utilizes a variety of industry standard software tools to conduct vulnerability and penetration tests against your network, both internally and externally. These tests will help your business discover and define current network security issues and threats.

Assessment Reporting
Databranch will provide a clear report of information security risks that were discovered during the vulnerability and penetration evaluation. This report will include specific actions, recommendations and adjustments to practices to help correct or alleviate discovered weaknesses and vulnerabilities—particularly for information stores that have been designated as mission critical devices on your network

Security Policy Creation
Databranch will provide the expertise to help your business develop and/or amend security policies based on the recommendations developed from the security assessment.


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