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Leave your IT Relocation to the experts.

Customer relationships and staff downtime are the most affected business elements when relocation is in full swing. With careful planning, Databranch ensures both are kept to a minimum and your operations are back up and running ASAP. Our fully managed IT relocation project plan covers everything.

We assist companies with IT relocation services and network office moves in the Hornell, NY area. We have performed numerous IT relocations for companies large and small and gained the experience to support your company’s IT relocation in the most efficient way possible.

Whether you are moving an office of 5 or 5000, we can help you relocate with ease.


Assign someone from your IT team to manage the relocation. Ideally, an engineer with a complete understanding of your infrastructure.

Evaluation of Equipment

Make a full inventory of your equipment. This also a good opportunity to identify equipment that needs upgrade, or equipment that is no longer being used.

Communication Systems

Install cables at the new location beforehand. As this takes the majority of time, planning, and correspondence, it makes sense to get these going before the physical move begins.

Backup and Data Protection

Lessen the operational downtime. A recent and thorough data backup is very handy, this ensures business as usual continues during the move.

And work with a partner that understands you

Relocating your IT department can be challenging, but by partnering with a reliable managed services provider, like Databranch, your company will experience the best move possible. If your team has never needed to relocate before, we can help your business clearly understand the potential problems and roadblocks before they arise.

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