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7 Elements of an Effective Defense in

Depth (DiD) Security Strategy

Build Your Security Fortress With Defense in Depth (DiD)

The current threat landscape has advanced to a level where multiple, advanced attack vectors are waiting to exploit vulnerabilities within your applications, interfaces, networks, devices, traffic and users.

Relying on one basic security solution isn’t enough anymore to protect your business from bad actors. This is where Defense in Depth (DiD) finds its relevance.

DiD is a cybersecurity approach that uses multiple defensive methods to protect your business. Since no single security measure can withstand every attack, combining multiple layers of defense is more effective.

To help you ramp up your security, our eBook shares the seven essential elements of an effective DiD strategy:

  1. Firewalls
  2. Intrusion Prevention and Detection Systems
  3. Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
  4. Network Segmentation
  5. The Principle of Least Privilege (PoLP)
  6. Strong Passwords
  7. Patch Management

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7 Elements of Effective Defense in Depth

Download our eBook to discover how layering security methods can help you prevent today’s sophisticated cyberattacks.