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DataGuard Microsoft Windows Server Care Plans

Databranch offers two different levels of service plans: Proactive and Comprehensive Care. Below is a table outlining the differences in the scope of services. Please contact us with questions and we’ll help you identify the service(s) that fit your needs the best:

MS Windows Servers (Physical or Virtual) Proactive Care Comprehensive Care
Alert to one Customer Contact P P

  • Device Availability
  • Disk
  • Memory/CPU Utilization
  • Event Logs
  • Printer Services



Monthly Report P P
Patch Management P P
Back Up Management and Troubleshooting & Monthly Testing P P
CIO & Engineering Analysis Meeting Quarterly Monthly
Remote Support: Unlimited 8×5; Onsite Support, As Needed P (2 contacts)
Scheduled Monthly Maintenance P P
Emergency 24 x 7 Support Optional Optional
Spyware & Anti-Virus Provision & Management P
Asset Management & Reporting P
User Account Administration P
File Sharing Permission Administration P
Management of Software License and Contract Renewals P
Hardware & Software Vendor Management P


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