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Is there still room to improve your remote team’s productivity? 

Databranch has helped many businesses add remote work capabilities to their technology environment over the past year, always keeping security top-of-mind throughout.

However, we also offer a productivity monitoring software solution that can monitor web and desktop application use across all your company’s computers – whether in-office or remote.

It offers a balance of providing your management team with insights without extensive policy documentation. Meaning it is a smart fit if you want visibility without heavy-handed intrusion.

This includes:

  • Monitoring: You will be able to monitor all employee desktop apps and web use whether in-office or remote
  • Visibility: Provides an overview of workforce productivity without the hassle of looking over each employee’s shoulder
  • Timelines: In the instance of malware detection, you can track back to specific events to view the history
  • Reporting: View robust reports to identify productivity trends and optimize workflow. This helps determine which web-based applications provide the most business value.

This software will allow you to monitor active tabs, desktop apps, and idle time. You can then store up to 6 months of your data for instances such as legal compliances or auditing purposes. 

The program makes filtering through these logged events easy and fast. Simply type into a search box and the event filter will automatically scan your data, compiling records from specific endpoints. 

This means you’ll have visibility into which endpoint was browsing certain websites or using a specific application.

Reach out to Databranch today at 716-373-4467 x115 or [email protected] if you’d like to learn more.

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